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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free & Easy Seoul

Were away for a 8-day Seoul trip last week. It's really fun and enjoyable cos' it's free and easy. The week before that, we also had gone to Seoul on a 3-day group tour with the rest of expat families here.

Not that we do not enjoy the company of the other families, it just that it's too stressful to be on a group tour when you have 2 young toddlers to take care of.

First, on a group tour, we will have to wake up earlier. Then we have to carry the babies around while they were still in dreamy land. During mealtimes, we often have to try to finish our food fast so as not to keep others waiting (since the other half of time has been spent feeding our little ones). Then we have to bring our babies for toilet breaks etc etc. It is in fact, a stressful and tiring tour whereas we have to try to move/eat fast so as to keep pace with the tour.

Whereas during our free & easy, we can choose to wake up a little later, stay longer at a destination if we like and enjoy our meals with no stress and best of all, adjust our itinerary accordingly to what we want that day.

Haha... somehow food (rather than shopping) had become the main focus of our tour. We had specially gone to the Yakun Kaya Toast, Din Tai Feng, Breadtalk, Mache and the Kopitiam Kaya Toast - Singapore Toast Cafe (which we happened to bump by chance), in order to satisfy our tastebuds, gee... now truly understands why Eating is Singaporean's favourite pastime].

Yummy, yummy. (if you have been to Singapore, you will find the above places familiar. It's so common in Singapore, yet it's so rare here in Korea).

Amazingly, shopping at Itaewon, Nandaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong and Myeongdong did not give mummy much thrills as expected. Rather, mummy enjoyed the trips to Nami Island (filming location of "Winter Sonata"), Daejanggeum Theme Park (filming location of "Jewel in the Palace 大长今") and Cheonggyechoen (stream) more. Will write another entry about these places soon.

Having been away from Singapore for a while, somehow we were very excited whenever we came across the Singapore's flag or anything with the name "Singapore" like the Singapore Toast Cafe mentioned above. Hee... the picture on the left was taken at the Nami Island which had an exhibition of stories all over the world.

In advance, here wishing Singapore a Happy 44th Birthday too.

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